branding the wind experience

Classroom project for developing experience based Branding. Brief development and product development by organizing adjectives to best describe the nature of WIND. (design process as followed by Mercedes for design development) Project duration: 3 weeks

Open ended brief (with only provided input of)
branding: WIND

Criteria for branding:
branding an uncategorized and un-branded object/substance/similar for understanding the science behind 
Design deliverables: brand name based on the chosen identity
forming a suitable tagline
souvenirs (t-shirt, mug and bag)
interactive product (detailing about the client or product as applicable)
Design process: defragmenting wind and its meanings
arranging the words and organizing them in the most popular sense of the phenomenon
putting in words for naming the product (i.e. wind)
conceptualizing the tag line for the same (as per the [articular chosen field/service/similar)
making an interactive product best expressing the client/product

 The adjectives written are the ones selected after no. of iterations and the ones written in black are which were considered for the name of the brand Wind.
 key words:

The developmental process for forming a logotype for the finalized brand name.
 The developed logotype with details.
 The interaction developed. This is an e-periodical so as to sustain as a product rather than static knowledge since wind as a character is never static.
The particular design helps the product sustain itself. It also relates to the character of Wind: unstoppable and ever moving.
The content is dynamic with subject matter of poems: poems have a length and more deeply have an immeasurable depth and breadth (can deliver variable impact on people's mind); which again strikes with the character of wind i.e. it is vast and spread over the everything, it is ever present and it carries a lot of particles alongside. Also, there is an unknown depth to wind which can be felt only if one experiences it in the correct state of mind which is very similar to poems.
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