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Academic project to develop Next Generation store for any product/service of choice. Airtel is India's foremost telecommunication firm. Project duration: 3 weeks

Open ended brief to design a next generation store for a subject of choice
telecommunication: AIRTEL

Criteria for choice:
understanding a brand and its audience and proceeding with a next generation store design 
Design deliverables:  design i.e.CAD drawings of the plan and sections explaining the particular design in detail; 3D drawings/renders best explaining the design, explaining certain customized furniture through sketches and similar
Design process: defragmenting Airtel
brand perception and brand aspiration
studying competitive brands (i.e. Vodafone)
designing theme boards for a particular keyword and working further with the same criteria, colour palette, etc in mind

A study of various aspects of the brand: AIRTEL. Catching a perceptive of the company and its various parts so as to gain vision of the store that would be NEXT GENERATION for the service provider.
key word:

Studying the Brand Perception and studying the competition. Airtel and vodafone both share the similar colours in terms of the branding, therefore, the store needs to stand different from the existing stores (esp. that of the competition).
Subject matter: Bubbles
Bubbles are by nature born to be free. There existence is independent of the user but they still depend on the user for their birth in that first place; just like Airtel as a brand which has the philosophy to be driven by people's need and their ambition is to connect people in the best possible way. Bubbles also spread happiness because of their flamboyant nature and Airtel wants to achieve the same.
The store location is at the cross-section of the MG Road and Brigade Road, Bangalore.
A digital screen as been installed facing outwards along the longer side of the store: it would an interaction point and can later be integrated to include Kinect Technology for an immersive experience.
Since bottom part of the window (up to app. 7') will not be visible from far (i.e. to customer sitting in the cars waiting for the traffic lights); the screen can be made to run in two different parts.
Considering the viewing angles of both the near and the far users: 
The lower part of the screen can be made to run an interactive advertisement/kinect/digital art work
The upper part can be used to provide updates(like marathon, traffic updates, jokes, etc) to form a connection with the far away customer. This especially help in forming a good will factor among the customers to be.
Internal view of the store.
View looking outside from near the main installation area.
 View from the front sitting space facing the central help desk.
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