new market development

Academic project Business model development for up-liftment of junk dealers. Project duration: 1 week


Time Duration: 2 weeks
Brief: Identifying and developing a unique business opportunity.

The unconventional area of WASTE MANAGEMENT was chosen inorder to identify opportunity areas for largely the particular area has noorganized retailing done. The unique supply chain and junk-organization system was fascinating to study.

Building a persona to be taken as the typical target audience for the business.

Current scenario

Unlike earlier when waste was given awayfor money, it is now seen as a burden and the society has a want to dispose offthe same as good-riddance. Consumers are more educated and carry eachenvironment related task as a responsibility to them.

Business proposal

Playing on the strength of Junk Dealers,i.e. Door to door waste collection; an organized system was developed with avertically integrated supply chain such that the major Junk-dealer becomes theface of the organized system and provides the customers knowledge about theeco-friendly work being done. A more efficient and trusted business model would help in better profits over existing system.

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